Application Shell Demo

This application is a shell application modeled after Microsoft's ASP.NET default form application. Its meant to be a starting point for any application that utilizes user based functionality.

Give it a try, Sign Up or use the demo account (username=demo and password=demo

Application Shell Demo

Your are now logged into the application shell program.

This is where very specific content will go for which you want you users to see once they are logged on or when they click the home menu when they are logged on


Home Menu

  • To be displayed when the user first hits the site
  • To be displayed once the user logged in
  • To be displayed once the user logs off
  • Display first impression content for users
  • This page could have specific content related to when someone is logged in vs NOT logged in

Sign Up Menu

  • To be displayed when a user is NOT logged in only
  • Provides the user the ability to sign up for an account
  • Once a user successfully registers, the user should be then logged in
  • When logged in, the menus change from signup and login to manage account and logout

Login Menu

  • Accepts username or email, password and a remember me checkbox
  • Authenticates the username or email and password against the database
  • On successful login, the menus change from signup and login to manage account and logout, the username appears in the navigation bar

Manage Account

  • Displays the current user information in a form prepared for editing
  • Enables the user to change their user name provided it does not already exists.
  • Contains a link to enable changing passwords - this is an independent display (pop up) only supporting change password functionality

Remember Me

  • When the user selects ‘remember me’, the system will remember this user for future visits to the site
  • When the user returns to the site, the user will automatically be logged in
  • The duration for how long the system is to remember the user is configured in the database

Forgot password

  • Sends the user an email with the email address on file with link to enter a new password
  • The link displays a page with a form for the user to enter a new password and confirm it


  • To be displayed when a user is logged in only
  • Simply logs the user off
  • Menus are displayed that are required when the user is logged off
  • Re-display main page / home menu


  • Displays the contact page


  • Displays the about page