David F. Bachor

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Information Systems Technologist

Technically sophisticated and business-savvy technology professional with several years experience in positions of increasing responsibilities in software development and technology project management.

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Application Shell

Class Project. This application is a shell application meant to demonstrate a single page application (SPA) utilizting the dynamic HTML

Tools utilized. HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, PDO, Mysql, Apache, Linux

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Please visit my GitHub page for code samples.

Chat Page - School Project

Class Project

The Chat project is an example that I use in class to demonstrate AJAX (HttpRequest). The back end is php, PDO, myslq, apache, Linux. Cookies are used so best tested from two different browsers or from seperate machines.

The backend is also utilied in my mobile development course using iOS Swift as the client.

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Classically trained guitarist with interst in several genres including jazz, blues, folk and classic rock. Studied classical guitar at West Chester University with Glenn Lyons and jazz guitar with E. Shawn Qaissaunee from Wilmington DE.

David Bachor Resume Page

Ski Contract Management

An application to capture ski contract information online thus preventing long wait times at the ski shop.